A downloadable Public Transit Tool for Android

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This app turns any mobile device into the ultimate drivers companion. Designed for bus drivers, public transportation operators, taxi cabs and even Uber/Lyft Operators!

This system combines several key features into one small bundle and is meant to be installed on a DEDICATED device with a BLUETOOTH SPEAKER.


  • Instant OnScreen Geo Location Information.
  • Set meaningful Vehicle IDs.
  • Supports UNLIMITED vehicles!
  • Tracks location, speed, bearing, altitude, moving/not moving status and more!
  • Send Geo Location Data to any web server! Easily show your website visitors where all of your vehicles are!
  • Easily let people know if you are moving or stopped.
  • Start/Stop broadcasting Geo Location Data.
  • Open Current Location in Maps. Never get lost again!
  • Play up to 3 pre-recorded Public Service Announcements!
  • Record new PSA or load external audio media!
  • Intercom/PA System uses Bluetooth Speaker to address passengers hands free!
  • Social Media Sharing Tools let you easily share your location on your favorite social networks, email and more!
  • Security Camera with auto-record to protect drivers or occupants. Automatically loads on Panic action!
  • Panic Button sends Geo Location Data to a list of cell phones instantly notifying your staff of emergencies.
  • Call 911 Prompt on Panic. If you need emergency assistance, we will initiate the call automatically.
  • Screen Awake Lock prevents the screen from going to sleep. This keeps the console ready when you are!
  • Authenticated HTTP requests help prevent system abuse.

This system is intentionally designed to reduce the number of actions nessessary to accomplish meaningful tasks and prevent distracted driving.

This app transforms your bus/vehicle into an interactive and fun way to promote, educate and protect passengers and drivers.

HARDWARE Bundles are avail! See Help in Settings. Preconfigured devices, bluetooth accessories, battery banks, sd cards, solar kits, wiring kits, mounting kits and more!

INSTALL Techs are avail! See Help in Settings.

SUPPORT is avail! See Help in Settings. We support our clients 100%! We can help you get your website ready for public or private fleet vehicle location display. Log data into MySQL, SQLite and more! Show locations with Google Maps API.


Buy Now$99.99 USD or more

In order to download this Public Transit Tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $99.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

SafeTransitHTTPTracker.apk 65 kB

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